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2015 Goosecross Petite Sirah

Black cherry fights blueberry and fig for your attention while toasted spice and a zing of peeper sneak in on the finish. With a bold acidity and firm yet subdued tannins, this wine pairs beautifully with gamey meats and pastas but is just as happy starring solo.
$75.00 / Bottle
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The Nord Ridge vineyard is located on the eastern slopes of Howell Mountain at an elevation of 1,800 feet, with the vineyard rows terraced into the hillside, on a steep 30% grade.
The soils are lower in nutrients and have poor minerality following years of weathering. This combined with dry farming, puts the vines under considerable "stress" - a very desirable attribute for a vineyard, which leads to more flavor concentration in the skins of the berries. Sourced from one hillside block, picked on two separate occasions - top section ripens earlier and has smaller berries. No cold soak as dark and big enough, pressed off skins early.